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How To Stop Collection Calls

wpadmin on December 29, 2012 Posted in General Bankruptcy

For those of you who have had to deal with the stress and anxiety associated with receiving a call from a debt collector, this blog is for you. The only thing worse than the constant stress and anxiety associated with the inability to make ends meet is receiving a phone call from someone you’ve never […]

Avoiding Your Own Fiscal Cliff: How Bankruptcy Can Help You From Going Over The Edge

wpadmin on December 23, 2012 Posted in General Bankruptcy

The financial news today is focused on only one topic: the fiscal cliff. Will we go over it? Will the powers that be reach a deal and save us from a new recession? What is the fiscal cliff anyway? Simply put the fiscal cliff is the problem that is created when you have too little […]

What Is A Chapter 20 Bankruptcy And How Can It Help You Save Your Home?

wpadmin on December 17, 2012 Posted in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You may remember that one of my first blogs dealt with the debt limits in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and how those debt limits precluded some Bay Area residents from receiving the bankruptcy help they needed in order to save their home from foreclosure. The amount of people’s mortgages coupled with their credit card, medical […]

Why Can’t Student Loan Debt be Discharged in Bankruptcy? : How the High Cost of Higher Education is Dragging the Economy Down

wpadmin on October 30, 2012 Posted in Student Loans

The high cost of a higher education is saddling many Americans with debt they can’t afford and can do little about. As a bankruptcy attorney, dealing with clients who are facing large student loan debt can be very frustrating because, while I can help them with their credit card and medical debt, for most working […]

Why Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may not be able to save some Bay Area homeowners from forclosure

wpadmin on October 10, 2012 Posted in Foreclosures

As a Bay Area bankruptcy attorney, I know first hand that for many people in California, the dream of owning their own home became a nightmare when the housing bubble burst in 2007. Trapped in mortgages they no longer could afford, homeowners quickly saw any equity they may have had in their homes slip away. […]