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Established in 2012 by award winning bankruptcy attorney Melanie Tavare, The Law Offices of Melanie Tavare has quickly become one of the top bankruptcy law firms in the bay area.  The firm focuses strictly on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy for consumer and small business.

Because we have such a specialized focus on bankruptcy, our firm is able to provide the best results for our clients with an overwhelming success rate for our cases. No matter how difficult your case may be, rest assured, we can handle it.

If you’re looking for a bankruptcy attorney, or you’ve lost confidence in your current representation, contact our office for free to find out if we can help.

Experienced Attorney

Having an experienced bankruptcy firm representing you is crucial to protect your assets and we have successfully handled all types of consumer and small business bankruptcy cases:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: The most common form of bankruptcy, our firm will represent you at the most competitive rates.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: A reorganization of your debt, often filed to save your home, stop repossession, or pay back debts not dischargeable in chapter 7.
  • Taxes: In many cases your tax debt may be discharged in bankruptcy if certain criteria are met.
  • Foreclosure: Filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy may be able to save your home and help with your loan modification process.
  • Repossession: Car being repossessed? Or do you owe for a past repossession? We can help. Bankruptcy can stop repossession in its tracks.
  • Bank Levies: If a judgement is obtained by a creditor, they may be able to get a bank levy and take any and all money up to their judgment amount. This is a devastating blow to any family.  You can stop a levy from happening or, in some situations, retrieve funds already taken by levy, by filing bankruptcy and working with a California bank levy lawyer.
  • Wage Garnishments: A common way your creditors will collect their debts from you, wage garnishments can make it difficult to pay for everyday necessities like rent and gas.   We can help stop wage garnishments. Contact us today.
  • Collection Lawsuits Defense: If you are being sued by a creditor it is important to speak to someone before your creditor garnishes your wages or levies your accounts.  Bankruptcy can end the litigation in state court and stop a creditor from receiving a judgment against you.

Low Cost

Our firm’s success can largely be attributed to the referrals of past clients. Providing the highest level of legal representation at an affordable cost to the client not only is the best option for our clients, but is actually what helps us succeed as a firm. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how much you can save with our firm.

Convenient Office Locations

It is vitally important that you meet with your bankruptcy attorney face to face to discuss your financial situation. Don’t hire a firm where you can’t meet the attorney. With Offices located in Hayward and Oakland our firm is a short drive or BART ride away from anywhere in the Greater Bay Area.

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When you hire our firm not only do you know you’re getting the best representation, you will get an attorney who understands how you feel and will address your needs during this difficult time. If you can’t sleep at night and are being worn down by the day to day stress of your finances, Contact us Today. Email or call our office at 510-255-4646. Start having a better tomorrow, today.

"Melanie is the best she very responsive and helpful throughout the process everything was taken care of smoothly. If you are thinking of going through bankruptcy she is the best attorney for you. I will forever be grateful having the chance to work with her. She is very honest too."


"I can't thank Melanie enough for helping me through a challenging process and doing so with incredible knowledge, professionalism and tenacity! She went to great lengths to keep me informed, she responded quickly to my questions, and communicated in terms that I could understand. I highly recommend getting in touch with Melanie should you have the need."


"Choosing to work with Atty. Melanie has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was a very patient professional to work with and attentive while providing valuable solutions to all of my concerns. If you are searching for of an Attorney who is knowledgeable, transparent, and diligent - well that's Atty. Melanie."


"What I liked about working with Melanie was how prompt and easy to work with she was. She made the process clear and understandable with as little stress as possible. I would work with her again and recommend her to others."