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“Thank you so much for being such an awesome attorney. You have changed my preconceptions about lawyers in a positive way.”

James M.,

“If you make the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy, it is important that you find a lawyer who is not only knowledgeable but also responsive to the many questions you will have. When I went to my first consultation with Melanie I had already hired a lawyer. My first lawyer never seemed to be able to answer my questions without having to do some research. I was always waiting for him to get back to me. Since this was such a big decision, I thought it would be a good idea to talk with someone else. The experience with Melanie was night and day. Melanie patiently listened to my situation and walked me through the whole process. After the first consultation, I walked away with all of my questions answered and a great feeling of relief. I switched my representation to Melanie immediately. Once she was officially my lawyer she was always available to answer any of my questions that came up along the way. Needless to say, Melanie got me through the process and I am so happy that I had her represent me.”

Eric, Castro Valley, CA

“In 2010, my husband & I made the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy.  We were referred to Melanie Tavare.  She was professional, but also understanding to our situation.  She went over all the options and helps us pick the one that was best for us ~ we were able to keep our house and car.   She made it quick and easy to file and was with us for every step.  Our bankruptcy was discharged less than 4 months later.  She answered all our questions and re-assured us that everything would be ok, bankruptcy wasn’t the end of the world.

3 years later, we still own our house and we were able to purchase 2 brand new cars.  We are slowly re-building our credit.  Our second mortgage was recently discharged and I called Melanie to ask what was going on.  She called me back right away and was able to answer all my questions.

Melanie was great to work with during this entire process and it’s nice to know that I can still come to her, years later, with questions.  I would refer Melanie to anyone that is thinking of filing for bankruptcy.”

James & June S, Pleasanton, CA

“Melanie Tavare is incredibly friendly and has a gift when it comes to calming people down who are in crisis. She is knowledgeable about the bankruptcy process and also provides alternative options and fully discloses all of them before deciding to file. She is very professional but also very down to earth and real. She also has an understanding personality that makes you feel comfortable and most importantly has a great sense of humor. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to file bankruptcy.”

Bryn W., Oakland, CA

“I am writing this to inform you that Melanie Tavare is a great bankruptcy attorney. She is excellent with clients and very informative and thorough.

As she has been my personal attorney in the past I would recommend her services to anyone that is leaning towards filing bankruptcy. She is family oriented, patient and understanding to situations that you are going through. She is very “matter of fact” and knows the business. I would give her complete clearance in dealing and resolving bankruptcy matters. Melanie’s services are in great appreciation from me and my family.”


Joyce H., Oakland, CA

"Melanie is the best she very responsive and helpful throughout the process everything was taken care of smoothly. If you are thinking of going through bankruptcy she is the best attorney for you. I will forever be grateful having the chance to work with her. She is very honest too."


"I can't thank Melanie enough for helping me through a challenging process and doing so with incredible knowledge, professionalism and tenacity! She went to great lengths to keep me informed, she responded quickly to my questions, and communicated in terms that I could understand. I highly recommend getting in touch with Melanie should you have the need."


"Choosing to work with Atty. Melanie has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was a very patient professional to work with and attentive while providing valuable solutions to all of my concerns. If you are searching for of an Attorney who is knowledgeable, transparent, and diligent - well that's Atty. Melanie."


"What I liked about working with Melanie was how prompt and easy to work with she was. She made the process clear and understandable with as little stress as possible. I would work with her again and recommend her to others."