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What are the Rules About Debt Collectors Contacting You on Social Media?

Social media was supposed to be fun, but it turned very dark very quickly. People have been sending online messages to ruin each other’s days since the days of AIM and Friendster. If that scene in The Social Network has verisimilitude, idle smack talk was Facebook’s original purpose. (Most viewers were less surprised by the mean-spirited origins…

Filing for Bankruptcy Because of Small Business Debts

Operating a small business is not easy. When you hear people tell their business success stories, a part of the story usually goes, “After X years, our business became profitable.” This means that, for the first few years that the company was conducting business, it was operating at a loss. If the idea of paying…

Three Hard Truths About Filing for Bankruptcy

If you start plugging numbers into bankruptcy protection calculators online, you might end up with an overly optimistic view of how a bankruptcy filing will affect your finances. You might think, “Really? I can get rid of $100,000 of debt for $800 and keep my house and car? Sign me up now!” Of course, you…

Rebuilding Your Credit After a Bankruptcy Filing

Filing for bankruptcy does not mean that you will never be able to access credit again. It also does not mean that, after discharging your old credit card debts in bankruptcy court, you can immediately open up a new account with the same credit limit and start making purchases like you used to do in…

Denial of Discharge in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

If you follow the procedures correctly and answer all of the court’s questions truthfully, your chances of discharging your eligible debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing are high. Depending on your overall financial situation, it might even be able to discharge your eligible debts without liquidating any of your assets. Filing for Chapter 7…

Why Do Wealthy People File for Bankruptcy?

Plenty of celebrities have spoken in interviews about the moment in which they first realized that they were wealthy, but Pete Townshend of the band The Who had an inkling that the world operates differently for wealthy people when he was still a struggling student. It was 1966, and Townshend had recently met Kit Lambert,…

California Wage Garnishment Laws

Being in debt fills your mind with worries, but the consequences of falling behind on your death are more like death by a thousand cuts than a single, dramatic catastrophe. Disasters like getting evicted from your apartment or losing your house or car because you defaulted on the mortgage or auto loan take months before…

Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation: Which is a Better Solution to Your Debt Problems?

Even though you put a large portion of your income toward debt repayment each month, your debt balances keep getting bigger. Every time you pay off a BNPL purchase, three others appear in its place because you have no other way to pay for necessary items. Is it really worthwhile to pay the minimum payment…

All About Wage Garnishment in California

It is easy to remember this during the mild, sunny winters and less easy to keep it in mind during the droughts and wildfires of summer, but we have it better here in California than people do in most other states, and not just because In-N-Out Burger is never far away. California’s minimum wage is…

Why are Bankruptcy Filings So Common After Divorce?

What will you do when, after what seems like forever, your divorce becomes final? Will you burn your wedding photos? Will you go on Facebook and message your former in-laws to tell them how you really feel about them, or better yet, message the one that got away? Will you reinvent yourself with a new…

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