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Are Your Social Media Accounts a Business Asset?

Business finances are consistently more complicated than personal finances. You have experienced this if you have ever filed individual tax returns and business tax returns. Likewise, divorce and probate cases are more complex when the couple or the decedent has an ownership interest in a business. The value of business assets fluctuates all the time,…

Can You Qualify for a Home Mortgage After Filing for Bankruptcy?

Even though some shady credit repair services might try to convince you otherwise, a bankruptcy filing does not cast a dark shadow over your creditworthiness for the rest of your life. All the restrictions that bankruptcy imposes on your financial choices eventually go away, at least in theory.  The bankruptcy filing eventually disappears from your…

Can Being Your Awesome Self Get You Out of Debt?

Expecting your fortunes to quickly and dramatically change for the better is not an effective way to deal with your debt situation, at least not if you also have a short-term strategy. Much personal finance advice falls into either of two categories; it either focuses on big decisions, such as filing for bankruptcy or getting…

Rent Reporting Services Can Help Your Credit Score, but They are Not Enough to Get You Out of Debt

One of the most frustrating things about debt is that in today’s economy, prices are higher than wages. You are not in debt because you spent carelessly on impulse purchases or lived an extravagant lifestyle; you are in debt because you went to the doctor when you were sick or because you bought groceries during…

Trouble With Credit Cards

People who are trying to get out of debt tend to have the same kind of love-hate relationship with credit cards that people who are trying to lose weight or improve their diet have with doughnuts. In their best moments, they write out a budget or a meal plan and follow it, but when things…

Debt Relief is for High Earners, Too

Having a salaried job can feel a lot better than not having one. You are not always scrambling to find enough gigs to pay your bills in time to avoid late fees. Your work schedule is at least somewhat predictable, so you can plan for your errands and housework instead of doing them in a…

What if You are Frugal but Still in Debt?

Whoever is sharing content on social media about working adults being broke because they keep splurging on Starbucks and avocado toast did not have you in mind. If anyone knows where to find a discount, it is you. In fact, it seems like you spend all your time looking for discounts. You belong to Buy…

Top Financial Goals for Young Adults in 2024

Californians have plenty of reasons to have a sunny demeanor, and not just because of the weather. California offers more paid medical leave than most other states, and in many California cities, it is easy to get from home to work on your bicycle or public transportation. Despite this, there is no escaping the fact…

Business Loans Versus Borrowing From Family: Pros and Cons

It often takes a year or more for new business ventures to be more profitable. You might spend your first round of startup funding on business costs but then need to borrow more to keep it going. You are in good company if your New Year’s resolution is to start a business, but you do…

Which Documents Do You Need for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing?

Family law attorneys advertise Divorce Monday, the first business Monday of the year, when unhappily married people act on their New Year’s resolutions and file for divorce from their spouses; the courts receive more divorce filings on Divorce Monday than on any other day of the year. Although bankruptcy lawyers do not advertise Bankruptcy Monday,…

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