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Understanding Bankruptcy and Medical Debt

wpadmin on August 19, 2015 Posted in Types of Debt in Bankruptcy

At times, life can be very unpredictable. No one sees a major medical emergency or illness coming. An extended stay in a hospital or rehabilitation center can alter your life and your family’s lives forever – not to mention are extremely expensive. Even for those of us with medical insurance, high-deductible insurance plans require that […]

Understanding Bankruptcy and Your Credit

wpadmin on August 19, 2015 Posted in Rebuilding Credit

Starting over after filing for bankruptcy can seem overwhelming at times. Rebuilding your financial life and dealing with the emotional fallout of bankruptcy can make starting over seem like an impossible task. Additionally, most people are concerned about the effect their bankruptcy filing will have on their ability to obtain credit going forward. It is […]

Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

wpadmin on August 19, 2015 Posted in Rebuilding Credit

Facing financial struggle can be uniquely challenging, and may leave you feeling like there is no solution. Often, people who are unable to pay their debt may not consider bankruptcy. A common misconception about bankruptcy is that it will permanently ruin your credit. In reality, filing for bankruptcy allows you to manage immediate debt problems […]

Official Bankruptcy Forms Changed on December 1, 2014

wpadmin on August 19, 2015 Posted in Bankruptcy News

Starting December 1, 2014, several changes to official bankruptcy forms took effect which impact those filing after that date. Bankruptcy can be a complex process, and there are many legal rules to you must adhere to. Part of that process includes filing numerous forms. As of December 1, 2014, the necessary forms in your case […]

Chapter 13 Reorganization Bankruptcy

wpadmin on August 18, 2015 Posted in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a type of reorganization bankruptcy that allows individuals to create a plan to reorganize and consolidate their debt. Unlike Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which liquidates many of a debtor’s assets, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows a debtor to keep more of their real and personal property if they agree to make agreed-upon payments […]

Questions to Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

wpadmin on August 18, 2015 Posted in General Bankruptcy

You have decided that the most responsible thing for yourself and your family is to file for bankruptcy. The next step is to find a qualified and affordable bankruptcy attorney. You will want to personally interview prospective attorneys before agreeing to allow him or her to represent you in bankruptcy court. Many attorneys offer free […]

Seven Common Bankruptcy Myths

wpadmin on August 18, 2015 Posted in General Bankruptcy

The word bankruptcy can cause many of us strong anxiety. Our minds conjure up all sorts of negative “facts” and “truths” about what filing for bankruptcy means and how it will affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Fortunately, much of what we think we know about bankruptcy law and the process […]

Creditor Harassment

wpadmin on August 18, 2015 Posted in General Bankruptcy

Stop Creditor Harassment with an Oakland Bankruptcy Lawyer One of the most common side effects of high debt is creditor harassment. Creditors are notorious for harassing practices that leave debtors feeling scared, stressed, and emotionally exhausted. Once this harassment starts, it never seems to stop. You may be avoiding your phone, ignoring your mailbox, and […]

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

wpadmin on August 18, 2015 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, General Bankruptcy

Do you feel overwhelmed by your debt? Is it hard to stay on top of your financial obligations? Are you stressed out by the task of keeping track of your creditors? Facing the difficulty of high debt can be exhausting, to say the least. Besides the practical worries of making ends meet, you may also […]

Offer in Compromise

wpadmin on August 18, 2015 Posted in General Bankruptcy

Settle Your Tax Debt For Less Than You Owe With An Offer In Compromise For many people, debt owed to the Internal Revenue Service can be overwhelming. Often times the tax debt has resulted from people not withholding enough from their paychecks in an attempt to make ends meet during the year. Other times, people […]