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DIP Financing

Admin on December 31, 2018 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

The United States Bankruptcy Code, or the Code, provides a variety of chapters wherein a distressed debtor can file. Debtors are afforded a filing pursuant to Chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 15 and there is a proposed Chapter 17. There are also differences depending on whether the petition is being filed by an […]

Criminal Investigation and Bankruptcy

Admin on December 19, 2018 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

A potential client calls a bankruptcy lawyer to set up and initial consultation. The lawyer’s receptionist tells the client the he can meet with the lawyer and provides a date for a meeting. The receptionist tells the client to compile a list of all creditors and amounts owed to those creditors. The receptionist also tells […]

Honesty in Bankruptcy

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The U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s website emphasizes the point that the bankruptcy process is a way for the “honest” debtor to get out of debt. To that end, the United States Bankruptcy Code, or the Code, establishes parameters for what type of debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy. Section 523(a) of the Code specifically cites certain debts […]

IRAs and Bankruptcy

Admin on November 19, 2018 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, General Bankruptcy

When a client walks into the Bay area law offices of Melanie Tavare to discuss debt relief matters, one question that is often at the forefront of the client’s mind is asset protection. The client wants to know whether his or her assets will be protected during a bankruptcy. Often, the client will have worked […]

Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Admin on November 13, 2018 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

Over the past several years, especially since the financial crisis, there has been considerable discussion about municipal bankruptcies and their effects. The most notable recent municipal bankruptcy was Detroit’s due to its large size and longstanding reliance on the auto industry. When conducting a bankruptcy that is applicable to a municipality, such a bankruptcy falls […]

Involuntary Bankruptcy

Admin on November 8, 2018 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

Individuals facing debt concerns will likely face creditors demanding payment. It may be credit card companies calling debtors and letting them know that if they do not remit payment soon then the credit card company will start the collections process against them. It may be a third party debt collector collecting amounts owed to a […]

Debi Thomas

Admin on October 23, 2018 Posted in Blog, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

San Jose native Debi Thomas has an impressive resume. She was a pre-med and engineering student at Stanford University; she is a graduate of Northwestern Medical School; she was a trained orthopedic surgeon; she was an Olympic champion and bronze medal winner at the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary; she became the first African-American woman […]

Senior Bankruptcy

Admin on October 12, 2018 Posted in Blog, General Bankruptcy

A recent report finds that the number of seniors aged 61 to 74 filing for bankruptcy has tripled over the last several years. The report states that this is a dangerous trend and that the rising costs of healthcare play a significant role in the bankruptcy uptick. These statistics may also be suggesting a greater […]

Short Sales

Admin on June 8, 2018 Posted in Blog, Foreclosures

During the Great Recession, a record one in 88 homes in California were in foreclosure. This statistic represented a harsh reality for those who were unable to make mortgage payments. To make things more difficult, the housing market also took a nosedive, leaving homeowners without the ability to recoup losses through the sale of their […]

Rise in Bankruptcies?

Admin on May 30, 2018 Posted in Bankruptcy News, Blog

The current business environment may be right for a flurry of bankruptcy activity. On its face, such a statement sounds ridiculous. The US economy is experiencing its longest bull run in history, unemployment is low, companies in the tech sector complain of a lack of quality candidates, the Dow is surging, and construction continues to […]