Short Sales

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During the Great Recession, a record one in 88 homes in California were in foreclosure. This statistic represented a harsh reality for those who were unable to make mortgage payments. To make things more difficult, the housing market also took a nosedive, leaving homeowners without the ability to recoup losses through the sale of their […]

Egregious Foreclosures

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Last March, the US saw perhaps the most egregious violation of the automatic stay when a US Bankruptcy Judge in California, Judge Christopher Klein, summed up a debtor’s interaction with Bank of America as a “Kafkaesque nightmare.” In that case, Judge Klein described Bank of America’s actions, with respect to the Automatic Stay under the […]

Foreclosure Strategy

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The Great Recession hit the United States hard. It especially hit the state of California, where one out of 88 houses were in some form of foreclosure. Banks faced an unprecedented number of foreclosures, while consumers saw their home values drop precipitously, with many home values going underwater. This created a frenzy amongst lenders while […]

Recent Article Illustrates the Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Preventing a Foreclosure Sale

wpadmin on December 13, 2013 Posted in Foreclosures

For homeowners who fall behind on their mortgage payments, filing for bankruptcy can provide some relief. Both Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy trigger an automatic stay on the bankruptcy filer’s assets, including their home. While the automatic stay is in effect, a lender may not foreclose on the home. Prior posts on this […]

Obtaining an FHA-Insured Mortgage After Bankruptcy

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One major worry for those who file bankruptcy is that it will cause damage to their credit and prevent them from obtaining loans such as a mortgage in the future. Although bankruptcy will likely have an impact on the filer’s credit, it can still be possible to qualify for a mortgage as soon as one […]

Getting Rid of an Underwater Property: What You Need to Know About Short-Sales, Deficiencies, and Tax Liability in California

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The housing crash has left many people wondering what to do with homes that are now so far underwater they may never recover their former equity. To add insult to injury, many of these homeowners cannot afford to pay the mortgage on these underwater homes. This combination of factors has led many people to explore […]

Why Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may not be able to save some Bay Area homeowners from forclosure

wpadmin on October 10, 2012 Posted in Foreclosures

As a Bay Area bankruptcy attorney, I know first hand that for many people in California, the dream of owning their own home became a nightmare when the housing bubble burst in 2007. Trapped in mortgages they no longer could afford, homeowners quickly saw any equity they may have had in their homes slip away. […]