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Personal debt can place a crushing weight on your shoulders. In fact, it affects millions of individuals across the country who fear they may not be able to continue providing for themselves and their families. You yourself might be trapped in a vicious cycle of debt, credit card spending, and financial strife. Perhaps you experienced an unexpected health crisis, and are now overwhelmed by medical bills. Perhaps you are facing numerous home repairs at once, and now you are concerned that you will not be able to keep up with your mortgage payments. Perhaps you lost your job suddenly, and are just not sure how you will continue to make ends meet.

The bills keep mounting up, the interest keeps accruing, and you might feel like there is no way out. This is, unfortunately, a common scenario for many people in the Bay Area. If you are caught in an abyss of endless debt, you may feel that no matter where you turn and what you do, you just sink deeper and deeper into financial trouble.

Do not despair; there is hope for anyone struggling with seemingly unmanageable debt. The law office of Melanie Tavare provides Hayward residents with high quality, effective debt and credit counseling when they need it the most. Attorney Melanie Tavare is a seasoned bankruptcy attorney who knows the severe damage that debt can do to your relationships, family, and to all areas of your life. She understands the ins and outs of debt management through her many years of experience attaining debt relief for her clients. Attorney Tavare will leverage that extensive knowledge to provide debt and credit counseling for you and anyone struggling with debt in the Hayward area.

What is Credit and Debt Counseling?

An experienced bankruptcy attorney like Melanie Tavare can help individuals who are overwhelmed by debt through credit and debt counseling. Attorney Tavare can provide you with financial and legal guidance in the following ways:

● She will get to know your personal financial situation and your goals;
● She will work with you to create an individualized plan to meet your goals;
● She will help you clearly understand your debt management options;
● She will devise a plan that gets you out of debt; and
● She will work with you to keep you out of debt.

Reach Out to a Credit and Debt Counseling Lawyer in Hayward Today

Mounting debt can make a person feel overwhelmed very quickly. Without help and a strong financial plan, your debt will likely continue to climb, impacting your credit score, and your financial future. You do not need to continue living under crushing debt: You have options, and an experienced debt and credit counseling attorney can help.

If you are suffering from unmanageable debt in Hayward, do not delay in taking the steps necessary to get you and your family back on the right financial track. Contact the Hayward Debt and Credit Counseling law firm of Melanie Tavare today. You can schedule your free consultation by calling our office at 510-255-4646 or filling out our online contact form.

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"Melanie is the best she very responsive and helpful throughout the process everything was taken care of smoothly. If you are thinking of going through bankruptcy she is the best attorney for you. I will forever be grateful having the chance to work with her. She is very honest too."


"I can't thank Melanie enough for helping me through a challenging process and doing so with incredible knowledge, professionalism and tenacity! She went to great lengths to keep me informed, she responded quickly to my questions, and communicated in terms that I could understand. I highly recommend getting in touch with Melanie should you have the need."


"Choosing to work with Atty. Melanie has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She was a very patient professional to work with and attentive while providing valuable solutions to all of my concerns. If you are searching for of an Attorney who is knowledgeable, transparent, and diligent - well that's Atty. Melanie."


"What I liked about working with Melanie was how prompt and easy to work with she was. She made the process clear and understandable with as little stress as possible. I would work with her again and recommend her to others."