When Can You Start to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy?

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Filing for bankruptcy can be a tough financial decision. It can also have a long-lasting impact on your credit rating, making it hard to open new lines of credit or qualify for a loan in the future. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. There are ways to rebuild your credit score even after […]

Recover From Bankruptcy in Eight Easy Steps

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Rebuilding your credit score and financial situation after navigating bankruptcy can seem like an impossible task. It is common to worry that filing for bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit score and will prevent you from fulfilling your long term goals. By creating a recovery plan after bankruptcy, however, it is possible […]

The First Steps to Rebuilding After Filing for Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy can be a liberating process. There’s a great sense of relief that comes over many debtors when they realize they’ll no longer be drowning in hundreds of dollars in payments each month or hounded by creditors, in constant fear of collection lawsuits or repossession. But along with that relief can also come feelings of […]

When Should You File For Bankruptcy?

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There is no set formula for determining when an individual should file for bankruptcy. The decision to file for bankruptcy largely depends on the types of debts and assets an individual has. For example, bankruptcy is typically right for someone with a large amount of credit card debt who rents. But bankruptcy may not be […]

Obtaining Credit After a Bankruptcy Case

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  For many, the stress of managing high credit balances and collection demands before a bankruptcy case is enough to cause them to swear off credit after the bankruptcy case is over. Other clients want to know how soon after the bankruptcy case they will qualify for credit. Creditors can grant new credit to a […]

Understanding Bankruptcy and Your Credit

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Starting over after filing for bankruptcy can seem overwhelming at times. Rebuilding your financial life and dealing with the emotional fallout of bankruptcy can make starting over seem like an impossible task. Additionally, most people are concerned about the effect their bankruptcy filing will have on their ability to obtain credit going forward. It is […]

Rebuilding Your Credit After Bankruptcy

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Facing financial struggle can be uniquely challenging, and may leave you feeling like there is no solution. Often, people who are unable to pay their debt may not consider bankruptcy. A common misconception about bankruptcy is that it will permanently ruin your credit. In reality, filing for bankruptcy allows you to manage immediate debt problems […]

Avoiding the Roadblocks to Rebuilding Your Financial Profile After Bankruptcy

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For many Americans, bankruptcy has served as an essential fresh start in their financial lives. Completing your bankruptcy procedure is only the beginning, however. Today, rebuilding one’s financial profile after a bankr uptcy is more manageable than in the past. As Roger M. Whelan of the American Bankruptcy Institute noted to Bankrate.com, “Thank God the […]

Why It Pays to Pay Attention: Many Credit Reports Contain Costly Errors

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One of the most common effects of living with the constant stress of too much debt is the eventual inability to even deal with one’s financial situation. As a bankruptcy attorney, I have talked to and counseled countless clients who have told me that after a certain point they just stopped opening their mail. This […]

Why Your Financial Life after Bankruptcy Will Be Better Than You Think

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As an Oakland bankruptcy attorney, I know how difficult the thought of filing bankruptcy can be. For many of my clients, the decision to file bankruptcy comes after years of struggling to repay creditors with money they don’t have. Every month they are forced to rob Peter to pay Paul and are never able to […]