Making Sense of Bankruptcy Trends

Admin on February 15, 2018 Posted in Bankruptcy News, Blog

Government statistics demonstrate that bankruptcy filings fell by 0.7% last year, marking the smallest 12-month decline since 2010. Based strictly on these numbers, bankruptcy filings are up. During the recession and its immediate aftermath, bankruptcy filings soared. As the economy moved in a different direction and things improved, bankruptcy filings saw a steady decline. 2017 […]

Downward Trend in Bankruptcy Filings

Admin on December 16, 2017 Posted in Bankruptcy News, Blog

Government statistics regarding bankruptcy filings demonstrate an interesting trend. The trend shows a four-year downward direction and an overall downward trajectory. This table represents filings between 2014 and 2017: Year Total Bankruptcy Filings Business Bankruptcy Filings Consumer (Personal) Bankruptcy Filings 2017 796,037 23,443 772,594 2016 819,159 25,227 793,932 2015 879,736 25,046 854,690 2014 1,000,083 30,113 […]