Rise in Bankruptcies?

Admin on May 30, 2018 Posted in Bankruptcy News, Blog

The current business environment may be right for a flurry of bankruptcy activity. On its face, such a statement sounds ridiculous. The US economy is experiencing its longest bull run in history, unemployment is low, companies in the tech sector complain of a lack of quality candidates, the Dow is surging, and construction continues to […]

The Means Test and the Right Time to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Admin on May 5, 2016 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the preferred type of bankruptcy for many California residents because it ultimately results in most types of debt being completely forgiven. But what keeps many debtors from filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the means test. Under the means test, you must show the court that you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy […]

Common Questions: Attempting to Discharge Student Loans Bankruptcy

Admin on March 10, 2016 Posted in Blog, Student Loans

You’ve probably heard that it is impossible to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. That’s not exactly true, but it is very difficult to convince a court to let you off the hook for your student loans in either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. But with more than $1 trillion in outstanding student loan […]

Should You File A Joint Petition for Bankruptcy?

Admin on February 24, 2016 Posted in Blog, General Bankruptcy

While bankruptcy is typically thought of as something for individuals or businesses, in some cases bankruptcy is right for married couples. To qualify for a joint bankruptcy petition, a couple must be legally married. Cohabitation alone is not enough to qualify. A married couple may seek joint bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. […]

Understanding Bankruptcy Forms: The Schedules A, B, and C

Admin on February 12, 2016 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

One of the most important forms in an individual bankruptcy filing (as opposed to a business filing) is the Schedule of Assets and Liabilities (Official Form 106) which actually includes 10 other forms, a few of which are discussed below. How to fill out these forms is something you want to understand deeply before beginning. […]

Can I Pay My Bankruptcy Fees With a Credit Card?

Admin on January 27, 2016 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

Most people are not surprised that it actually takes some money to file a bankruptcy case. There are fees for obtaining the required credit counseling certificate, a court filing fee and the fee you pay your attorney to help you file the case. Those fees can vary depending on where you live and the complexity […]

Your New Year’s Financial Resolution

Admin on January 20, 2016 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

    With the new year, our thoughts often turn to resolutions or ways we can improve our lives and increase our chance of catching the brass ring. Perhaps you’ve decided to lose weight, stop smoking or get more exercise. While you are thinking about your goals in those areas, consider also your financial health. […]