Reaffirmation Agreements in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Admin on February 28, 2016 Posted in Blog, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The biggest difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the ability to keep property that is subject to a lien, such as a home or car. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, this property can usually be retained subject to a repayment plan if the debtor has a high enough qualifying income. In Chapter 7 […]

Your New Year’s Financial Resolution

Admin on January 20, 2016 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

    With the new year, our thoughts often turn to resolutions or ways we can improve our lives and increase our chance of catching the brass ring. Perhaps you’ve decided to lose weight, stop smoking or get more exercise. While you are thinking about your goals in those areas, consider also your financial health. […]

What is the Automatic Stay in a Bankruptcy Case?

Admin on January 15, 2016 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

    You’ve heard it before. A bankruptcy case can help you end creditor harassment, stop foreclosures and prevent repossessions. How can a bankruptcy case have that much power? A set of federal laws called the bankruptcy code governs how we conduct bankruptcy cases in the United States. It  controls where the cases are filed, […]