Egregious Foreclosures

Admin on January 7, 2018 Posted in Blog, Foreclosures

Last March, the US saw perhaps the most egregious violation of the automatic stay when a US Bankruptcy Judge in California, Judge Christopher Klein, summed up a debtor’s interaction with Bank of America as a “Kafkaesque nightmare.” In that case, Judge Klein described Bank of America’s actions, with respect to the Automatic Stay under the […]

Foreclosure Strategy

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The Great Recession hit the United States hard. It especially hit the state of California, where one out of 88 houses were in some form of foreclosure. Banks faced an unprecedented number of foreclosures, while consumers saw their home values drop precipitously, with many home values going underwater. This created a frenzy amongst lenders while […]

Supreme Court Holds that Exempt Assets Stay That Way, Even After Fraud

wpadmin on April 14, 2014 Posted in Bankruptcy Law

On March 4, 2014, Justice Antonin Scalia delivered the Supreme Court’s opinion in Law v. Siegel, originally a bankruptcy case from the Central District of California. The Supreme Court’s decision unanimously reversed the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This case is particularly interesting because it involves issues of fraud and property exemptions […]