What Happens if You Can’t Make Repayments in a Chapter 13 Plan?

Admin on March 31, 2016 Posted in Bankruptcy News, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are a variety of reasons that debtors choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy over Chapter 7. Some have debts that can only be discharged in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Others prefer Chapter 13 because it allows them retain more of their assets while going through the bankruptcy process. Some debtors would like to file for Chapter 7 […]

Understanding Bankruptcy Forms: The Schedules A, B, and C

Admin on February 12, 2016 Posted in Bankruptcy Law, Blog

One of the most important forms in an individual bankruptcy filing (as opposed to a business filing) is the Schedule of Assets and Liabilities (Official Form 106) which actually includes 10 other forms, a few of which are discussed below. How to fill out these forms is something you want to understand deeply before beginning. […]